"I didn’t know that I could be completely satisfied with the quality of care from a health care provider until Ellah supported me in my pregnancy and birth of my third child. I wish I had known about midwifery care and homebirth for my first two babies!"  - B.T. & family


Midwifery care is a balance of skill, art, science and service. The care I give encompasses each person's social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, psychological as well as their physical experience and by nature is holistic. I have a thorough, in depth understanding of the normal and natural events of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time and offer appropriate, skilled and timely response to reduce risk. While acting as the guardian of safety I support  unhurried childbirth and meeting the newborn with tender, undisturbed intimacy. 

Informed decision making is at the center of my practice. A partnership between myself and my clients develops that is personalized and collaborative. I respect that each family is the primary decision maker in their care, while my role includes enhancing the decision-making process. I provide timely and solid information about testing and treatment options and offer advice and guidance in a way that invites participation.

I work with those who are committed to being healthy; those who understand that birth demands all the strength and all the surrender they possess; those who trust and who long to trust in their ability to meet and be equal to the intensity, mystery and extreme beauty of their experience.

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 Ellah Ray, LM, CPM has been involved with childbirth for over 23 years, beginning with the amazing homebirth of her gorgeous daughter in 1993. Her first teachers were her own beloved midwives, from whom she gained an unshakable foundation of trust in the birthing process. She went on to coordinate a community based prenatal clinic, teach childbirth education classes and attend births as a doula. This naturally developed into formal midwifery training in birth centers and with homebirth midwifes in Canada and the U.S. She graduated from National Midwifery Institute and has attended over 500 births

Ellah attends a peer review to discuss challenging cases and keep current with the latest research and evidence based practice. She is a member of the East Bay Homebirth Collective and the Bay Area Infant Craniosacral Clinic. Ellah holds a B.A. in Social Anthropology,  is a certified Jin Shin Do practitioner and has had an active meditation practice for over 10 years. 

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