About ellah


I have been involved with childbirth for over 26 years, beginning with the homebirth of my gorgeous daughter. My first Midwifery teachers were my own beloved Midwives. They gave me an unshakable foundation of trust in the ability and wisdom of our wild-nature bodies to grow and birth  babies. And it was here that I learned about and experienced the power of radical self-responsibility and the healing of body autonomy during childbirth.

I went on to create a village prenatal clinic, teach childbirth options and attend unassisted, free births. This led to formal midwifery training in birth centers and with homebirth midwives in Canada and the U.S.  I graduated from the National Midwifery Institute and have attended over 700 births. 

I’m dedicated, in quiet and noisy ways to understanding power, privilege, and oppression, both internal and institutional, and to speaking out against and standing up to white supremacy and patriarchy. I’m committed to protecting and nurturing that which is beautiful in life, so that each and every one of us gets to experience health, joy and liberation.

I acknowledge that, here in the East Bay, I am a settler on the ancestral homeland of Muwekma Ohlone people. I am grateful to discover and want to share with you one practical way to begin to recognize this and take responsibility: 

The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship. Sogorea Te creates opportunities for all people living in Ohlone territory to work together to re-envision the Bay Area community and what it means to live on Ohlone land. Guided by the belief that land is the foundation that can bring us together, Sogorea Te calls on us all to heal from the legacies of colonialism and genocide, to remember different ways of living, and to do the work that our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do. http://sogoreate-landtrust.com

Ellah is gentle and strong, powerful and light. She has such comforting wisdom, confident knowledge, and a wonderful way of inviting people in. She was my rock and helped us realize our dreams.